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Daniel: The Key to Understanding Revelation

by Michael Houke MH
The only way to completely understand the book of Revelation and piece together the end time events is to read and comprehend the prophecies in the book of Daniel. These prophecies are intertwined with the prophecies in the book of Revelation, where as Daniel was told to shut up those prophecies until the time of the end, John was given the go head to reveal his.  But once John revealed his book, Daniel’s prophecies became much clearer — and in recent times with certain prophecies being fulfilled these two books reveal the events that are forth coming in our generation and clearly demonstrate that we are living in the end times.

  • Chapters 1-6 are historical 
  • Chapters 7-12 are prophetic. For this writing we will deal with the prophetic chapters of the Book of Daniel...


Twelve things will occur in the last days of the Gentile Age:

1. Daniel 7:23 - A world government will be established.
2. Daniel 7:24 - Ten Kings or divisions will come from the world government.
3. Daniel 7:24 - After the kings rise to power over the divisions, another king, the Antichrist will rise to power.
4. Daniel 7:25 - After the Antichrist rises he will have complete control over God’s people for 3½ years.
5. Daniel 7:26 - God will judge the Antichrist and take his power away.
6. Daniel 7:27 - The kingdom will be turned over to God’s people.

The final six verses address events related to the saints:
7. Daniel 7:18 - The saints will receive the kingdom and possess it forever.
8. Daniel 7:21 - The Horn was waging war against the saints and winning.
9. Daniel 7:22 - The Ancient of Days came and pronounced judgment in favor of the saints.
10. Daniel 7:25 - The Antichrist will speak against God and persecute the saints.
11. Daniel 7:25 - The saints will be handed over to the Antichrist for 3½ years.
12. Daniel 7:27 - Then the dominion of kingdoms under the whole heaven will be handed to the saints.


The prophecy of Daniel 8:5-9 and 14, 22, 23 is fulfilled so accurately in history that it has caused many critics to suggest that a “later Daniel” wrote the book because the original was dead long before the Greeks rose to prominence. However, no such evidence can be found to support this concept. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveals the ancient origin of this book and concurs it is prophetic scripture. The entire reign Antiochus Epiphanes is described in vivid detail by Daniel and it all came to pass just as Daniel predicted it would.

The Angel Gabriel explains to Daniel the vision in Daniel 8:16 so that Daniel can understand that it concerns the time of the end. This would also be the first time An Angel would be identified by name in the Bible. Gabriel and Michael are the only two angels whose names are mentioned in the Bible along with Lucifer who is a fallen angel. Daniel 8:23-26 predicts that God will soundly defeat the Antichrist.

DANIEL CHAPTER 9 (a.k.a. "Daniel’s 70 weeks")

In Daniel 9:24 Gabriel advised Daniel that 70 weeks had been decreed for his people and the holy city. Daniel’s people are the Jews and the Holy City is Jerusalem. This prophecy is for the Nation of Israel solely and exclusively, it is not in any way directed to the Gentiles or the Church. The first 69 weeks and the last week are God’s dealing with Israel alone. The church had nothing to do with the first 69 weeks and it will have nothing to do with the last week. Daniel’s 70 weeks are distinct from the church.

Why 70 weeks?

1. To finish the transgression. God has decreed he will finish all transgression.
2. To make an end to sins. God has decreed that he will put an end to all sin.
3. To make reconciliation for inequity. God has decreed he will make reconciliation for inequity.
4. To bring everlasting righteousness. God has decreed in a Kingdom of everlasting righteousness.
5. To seal up the vision and the prophecy. God has decreed that he will fulfill everything he has promised in visions and prophecies, including the punishment of the Jews seven more times.
6. To anoint the most holy. God has decreed he will anoint the most holy, the temple and Jesus the Messiah.

Note on #3: Christians believe this occurred when Jesus died on the cross, but the Jews, as a Nation, have hardened their hearts, and will not accept Jesus until after these 70 weeks have passed away.

These 70 weeks are actually 490 years. Broken down as 70 sevens.

The first 49 years is the decree to restore the temple and rebuild Jerusalem. Prophecy fulfilled. Then after the next 434 years the messiah will be cut off (Jesus’ Death, resurrection and ascension). Prophecy fulfilled. This leaves but the last seven (7) years that has yet to be fulfilled.

God’s prophetic clock of the 490 years stated in 445BC and it stopped when the Messiah was cut off in 30AD. It will start again when the tribulation period begins, known as the 70th week of Daniel. The gap between years 483 and 490 is known as the “church age”. As long as we remain in the church age the last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy cannot start.

[More details about Daniel's 70th Week, something very important to properly understanding Bible prophecy, is in a related link that will be referenced at the end of this article.]


Here Daniel reveals demonic warfare in heaven and on earth. Right now evil spirits are in charge of the Nations on earth. Right now being Daniel’s time through the end of the Gentile age. Here Satan is revealed as the prince of the power of the air.

The Bible does not tell us exactly where God’s angels became Satan’s angels nor does it tell us when Satan sinned and rebelled. We know that wicked angels do exist and we know that they were not created wicked. At some time the revolted and sinned. Some of these fallen angels are free to roam the earth and afflict God’s people. (Eph. 6:11-12). Others are in chains until their judgment (2 Peter 2:4). It seems that these angels committed severe atrocities for this enchainment.


Daniel 11:1-35 are historical events that foreshadow future events already fulfilled
Daniel 11:36:45 Are future prophecy yet fulfilled
Daniel 11:36 The coming Antichrist is revealed.
Daniel 11:36-39 Proclaim this about the Antichrist:
a. He shall do according to his own will
b. He shall exalt himself above every God
c. He will speak blasphemies against God
d. He will prosper until the wrath comes
e. He will not regard God
f. He will be against the Messiah
g. He will not regard any God
h. He will not desire women

11:40 describes a war in the future when the King of the South shall attack the King of the North. The King of the South is Egypt and the King of the North is Russia, Syria, and others. Then the antichrist will strike back and defeat Kings of the North and South. The Middle East will be a major hot spot in these times. The Antichrist will then move his army into Israel. In 11:41 the Jews will flee to Petra in southern Jordan. Then in 11:42 Egypt will meet a terrible fate and will be destroyed, this is also predicted in Isaiah 19:16 and Ezekiel 38-39. The Antichrist will then plunder Egypt leaving his armies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea.


Daniel 12:1 we read that Daniel is told by Michael the Archangel that a time of great distress is coming for Daniel’s people (the tribulation period, Daniels last Week), but that his people will be delivered.  In Daniel 12:2 we are told of a future resurrection of those who sleep in the earth. This is more than likely the Old Testament Saints and The New Testament Saints who died after receiving Christ. In Daniel 12:4 Daniel is told to seal up the vision and book until the time of the end when Travel will increase (prophecy fulfilled) and Knowledge will increase (prophecy fulfilled). This prophecy would not be explainable until the last half of the 20th century.

Next Daniel sees Jesus in a vision and Jesus tells Daniel that a time, times, and a half which is 3 ½ years/42 months which equal 1,260 days when all things will be completed. The last half of the tribulation period. Then a 75 day interval will precede the beginning of the Millennium.

This will be 30 days to cleanse the temple and 45 days for Jesus to judge the Nations, which means that some Nations will enter into the millennial kingdom.

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